Look at Me music video

Ok web horde, we’re making a music video for Look at Me and we want your help!  Here’s what we need you to do: take a video of yourself singing along with the song (see below for links to the track), or maybe trying to act out a viral video, or perhaps doing your best impression of a social media personality, or even better…doing an over the top impression of a social media personality!  The more silly, over the top, or ludicrous the better.  That being said, please don’t hurt yourself or anyone else, break any laws, start any border wars, or accidentally raise an army of the undead.  SAFETY FIRST!  We don’t care how professional or amateur your video looks, but please try to have decent lighting and please shoot in landscape mode as much as you can, and in as high a video resolution as you can.  Don’t worry about length, your videos can be as long or as short as you like.  Have more than one idea, feel free to send us as many videos as you like! 

What do you get for participating? 

Your name in the credits, a giant thank you at every opportunity we get, and maybe even a little swag!  Once the music video is posted, we’ll share a link to your original material (but only with your permission, of course)-because why not promote your hard work?!?! 

How to submit: 

Upload your video to youtube.com as a private video, and share it with deadpornography@gmail.com.  We’ll do the rest from there.  We do ask that you not share your video with outside parties until we’ve release the final music video (spoilers and all that). 

Ok, now for some legal stuff… 

By submitting your video for this project you acknowledge that you: 

Are at least 18 years of age 

Are the copyright owner of the video 

You are giving us permission to use your video (don’t worry, there will be a more detailed release when you share your video with us) 

Deadline for entry is July 31st, 2019 

Have fun!! 

The song

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